Day 2 of Training Camp

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The young guys had their second day of Training Camp. Let’s get right to the notes.

First up, Fran Duffy.

1. The biggest takeaway for me today was second-year linebacker Joe Walker. A 2016 seventh-round pick who missed his rookie year with a torn ACL suffered late last August, Walker looked like he was going to make the opening 53-man roster before his injury. A year later, the athletic linebacker stood out on the second day of camp, and it was apparent from the jump. Practice started with special teams individual drills, with a host of players practicing one by one on their ability to block on the kickoff return team. Walker, by my eyes, was the most impressive of the day, looking explosive, violent, and stout at the point of attack.

“I’m feeling good. It’s good to be back out there. It was a long break from the football field, so I’m feeling good,” Walker said. “Mentally, I feel very good. Day 1 was to kind of break the rust away. I’m getting more comfortable every day.”

In the last practice session of the day, Walker was integral to two interceptions down in the red zone. On the first, Walker got the defense lined up as the middle linebacker, helping fellow second-year player Don Cherry get lined up just before the snap. The ball was knocked up into the air, and Walker outleaped rookie defensive back Randall Goforth for the interception. Brooks, clearly impressed by the feat and maybe with a little bit of good-natured jabbing at Goforth, turned to the media and said, “Write that down, (Goforth) got out jumped by a linebacker.” Goforth shouldn’t feel too bad, however, because Walker was known as an outstanding athlete coming out of Oregon last spring, as his Pro Day test scores resulted in him being one of the most prolific athletes at the linebacker position in the last decade coming out of college.

Just a few plays later, Walker helped create another interception, this time for Cherry. Quarterback Dane Evans put a pass right on the hands of rookie Greg Ward, but Walker got to the catch point at the same time, helping to knock the ball into the air for Cherry to pick the pass off to end practice.

Walker could be a key reserve for the Eagles. Jordan Hicks is a terrific MLB, but the team doesn’t have a set backup to him. Walker looked to be that guy last year, but the injury ended that idea. Now Walker has to show that he’s healthy and capable of being a reliable backup and productive role player.

Walker is 6-2 and athletic. He could also possibly play some SAM if needed. Nigel Bradham could be facing a suspension and the Eagles don’t have a natural SAM on the roster other than him. Walker has the potential to handle that role, assuming he’s healthy and continues to develop as expected. These are down the road possibilities. For now, Walker just needs to keep mending and getting confidence in his knee. Contact practices will be the next big hurdle for him.

Now for the Wentz update. 

2. Wentz looked sharp again on Tuesday, outside of one near-interception down in the red zone. In the first 7-on-7 period of the session, he hit Ward over the middle for a short gain before putting a pass right on the numbers to rookie Donnel Pumphrey in the flat, just out of reach of linebacker Nate Gerry. Pumphrey was very active in the passing game on Tuesday, as he moved all around the formation. Wentz finished the drive with a completion to second-year receiver Marcus Johnson on a shallow crossing route. The two hooked up again later in the day for a touchdown on a corner route, a throw that Wentz placed just between two defenders on the money along the sideline for a score.

Wentz was up and down at times in the OTAs. He did finish well and it sounds like he’s continued to play like that. The coaches want him to “stack practices”, meaning to play well and then repeat it and then to keep that going. You want consistency from your QB, not good days and bad days.


Next up is Jimmy Bama. Here’s your WR talk.

Greg Ward is the early leader in the clubhouse for the Na Brown Award. On Monday, he made two really nice touchdown receptions. On Tuesday, he added another pair of notable plays to his resume. The first was a deep ball down the sideline that he caught for a nice gain. There was nothing flashy there. He simply beat his man deep down the field, and Nick Foles fit in a nice lofty touch pass in the right spot.

The second notable catch was more impressive. While already in the end zone and working back toward to quarterback, the ball came Ward’s way, and it looked like Ward tried to slow his momentum so the ball would cross the goal line before he caught it so it would count for a TD instead of catching it shy of the end zone. If that’s indeed what he was going for, that was great awareness.

To note, I’m unsure if the coaches would prefer he continues to attack the football in that scenario by continuing to come back for it.

Ward is taking advantage of the situation and forcing the coaches to notice him. That’s the job of UDFAs and other young players with something to prove. And he is stacking practices, something that will impress the coaches.

Obviously, guys like Alshon JefferyTorrey SmithJordan Matthews, and Nelson Agholor have yet to report to camp, but the clear-cut best receiver the first two days here is Mack Hollins. His size alone gives him a big advantage, but unlike other taller receivers in past Eagles camps like Ifeanyi Momah, he moves very fluidly throughout all his routes. There’s no awkwardness. Today, he made a nice catch over the middle from fourth-string quarterback Dane Evans in which he got position then worked inside and made the play. It just looked natural and easy.

One other Hollins note: He was getting reps today as a long snapper, and actually looked pretty good at it. Obviously, Eagles fans saw what can happen when you lose your long snapper in the middle of a game, as they did last season against the Redskins. Having a position player who can step in and be a reasonably competent long snapper isn’t needed most seasons, but it’s nice to know that you have one in an emergency.

And it makes sense that Hollins is good at that. During his career at North Carolina, he made a name for himself as a special teams standout, so he’s clearly a player that wants to do every thing he can to help his team win.

Hollins got everyone’s attention with how he played in the spring. It is very impressive that he continues to stand out. Howie Roseman said glowing things about Hollins right after the draft and it was easy to wonder how much of that was hyperbole, but Hollins has lived up to expectations so well. He’s got a long way to go, but he’s passed every test so far.

As to him snapping, that’s just smart. Players should do everything possible to make themselves valuable to the team. Embrace STs.


Jeff McLane wrote about DE Derek Barnett.

  1. Derek Barnett flashed at times during the spring, but it would be foolhardy to put much stock in “non-contact” practices. The rookie defensive end showed he can turn the corner without having to be very physical. But the greatest test for Barnett will be going against left tackles who are as quick off the snap and big enough to stifle speed on the outside. He needs to get stronger, improve his technique to use leverage to his advantage, and do both to develop a repertoire of moves that will make him a dangerous rusher. Tuesday’s one-on-one line drills were a weaker version of what we’ll see once the pads are out, but they showed how Barnett still has a way to go. And that’s what training camp is about. “You’re too wide,” defensive line coach Chris Wilson yelled after a Barnett rush against undrafted rookie tackle Victor Salako. Barnett rushed off the edge from a four-point stance and faked an outside move before using his left arm to swim inside. Salako blocked him to the ground. “You’re afraid of confrontation,” Wilson continued. On his next rush, Barnett went right at the 6-foot-6, 335-pound tackle with a bull rush. He pushed Salako back, but only so far. “That’s better,” Wilson said. Barnett will have the luxury of time. With Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham slotted ahead of the defensive end, and with the addition of veteran Chris Long, the Eagles won’t have to rely on Barnett to step in right away and have an impact. In most cases, rookies – even ones drafted in the first round – have a difficult time getting to the quarterback consistently. But Barnett will play and the Eagles will likely need some sort of contribution this season.

The coaches are going to be tough on Barnett. They know he can help this team, but they will push Barnett to try to bring out the best in him. Jim Schwartz talked about Barnett working hard to develop a spin move. Barnett tried that at times in college and was terrible. He was slow and methodical. He’s made progress with that and other moves, but still has a long way to go.

More on Wentz.

  1. Wentz spoke with reporters for the first time this camp, and there is a noticeable difference in his demeanor. It’s to be expected, but he’s much more relaxed than he was a year ago. He hasn’t downplayed the significance of having a year under his belt. The intensity will increase in two days, but he’s been having fun. He has consistently been the first quarterback to hustle from one drill to the other, sometimes sprinting at full speed. Offensive coordinator Frank Reich or quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo will sometimes race Wentz and the other quarterbacks. It lightens the day, but it also keeps the players competitive. You can’t underestimate the competitiveness of Wentz and the quarterbacks. They’re almost always testing each other.

I love Wentz’s competitive streak and the way comes out in odd little ways. You want your QB to be obsessed with winning. In order to be that way, it helps to have a player that is ultra-competitive.

I also think things like that can help to keep practice fun and interesting. Football can be a grind, especially Training Camp when it is hot and you’re going against the same players every day. Anything you can do to make that more interesting is good.


Last but certainly not least, here’s Brandon Lee Gowton.

Here’s an under-the-radar name to keep an eye on: Don Cherry. The former Villanova linebacker came up with two interceptions in practice. (Now that’s what I call “Cherry picking!”) Matt McGloin tried to look off the defense on fake screen before throwing a quick slant, but Cherry wasn’t fooled. He came up with the ball. Cherry’s second pick came on a tipped pass in the end zone. After practice, Jim Schwartz really praised Cherry (more on that later).

Schwartz did go out of his way to praise Cherry and how far he’s come in the last year. I didn’t think Cherry had enough athletic ability to play in the NFL (and he still might not), but the young man has impressed the coaches and is playing well. Cherry has good size at 6-2, 240. I think of him as a MLB type. I’m not sure he’s a guy you want playing in space against athletic RBs or TEs.

I’m looking forward to seeing Cherry play in a preseason game. I want to see where he plays and how he plays.

The Eagles don’t have proven depth at LB so they need young guys like Cherry and Walker (and Kamu Grugier-Hill and Nate Gerry) to step up and win jobs. The young guys are doing a good job so far, but the real test will be when full pads go on and there is contact.


76 Comments on “Day 2 of Training Camp”

  1. 1 SteveH said at 6:07 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    I just realized that the Cowboys cut Whitehead BECAUSE he was innocent. Can’t any clean sheets if you wanna be a Cowboy.

  2. 2 Forthebirds said at 10:40 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    Maybe if he goes out and actually steals something or attacks someone in a bar, the Cowboys will let him back on the team. Cowboys: America’s Most Wanted Team.

  3. 3 Jamie Parker said at 8:46 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Maybe he did steal something, but then fumbled it before he was actually caught. He fumbles the ball like every 3rd time he touches it.

  4. 4 eagleyankfan said at 7:22 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    Coffee and practice recap. Good to read about Douglas studying the playbook prior to camp. Bad to read Gibson is struggling at special team drills. Hope Barnett can respond to the physicality being asked of him.

  5. 5 P_P_K said at 9:12 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    For me, coffee and good to read about Joe Walker.

  6. 6 miked718 said at 8:41 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    Am I only one who did a double take when reading Nick Foles’ name in the recap?? Happy Napoleon’s back on the squad!!

    I think the mix of vets and young talent on this team is going to be fantastic for the development of these youngins. Foles/Wentz, Jeffry/Hollins, Graham and Long/Bennet.

  7. 7 teltschikfakeout88 said at 8:50 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    Happy Napoleon! LOL!!! I suspect you mean Napoleon Dynamite….

  8. 8 Ark87 said at 10:35 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    I think he’s saying he is happy that Napoleon is back on the squad, but Happy Napoleon would be a pretty awesome amalgamation of Happy Gilmore and Napoleon Dynamite.

  9. 9 teltschikfakeout88 said at 12:33 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Who is Napoleon on our roster then if not Foles?

  10. 10 ChoTime said at 1:16 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    A player kind of like Happy Gilmore would be awesome. I’m imagining someone with Brian Urlacher’s skillset but a goofy face and a Cajun accent.

  11. 11 or____ said at 2:26 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    I believe you’re mixing in the Water Boy… fooozball

  12. 12 ChoTime said at 1:58 AM on July 27th, 2017:

    Hm, yeah…

  13. 13 Tom33 said at 1:56 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    A guy that was on top of the world who then suffered through a tough winter and spent the rest of his life in exile? Sounds like Marcus Smith to me…

  14. 14 Tom33 said at 2:23 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    For the record – I posted this 30 minutes before Marcus Darling got released!

  15. 15 RobNE said at 3:14 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Could be a Valley Forge or Game of Thrones reference there.

  16. 16 P_P_K said at 9:14 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    Follow up on the medical report discussed yesterday:

  17. 17 Someguy77 said at 9:24 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    Joe Walker was getting a lot of good press from multiple people last year including Didinger last training camp.

    Nice to see him come back so strong. Classic late round overachiever. He’ll be a fan favorite I bet if he gets a starting gig even if he isn’t a great player.

  18. 18 Forthebirds said at 10:36 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    Good to read that Walker and Cherry are making impressions. If one of these guys plays well, it would bee great for needed LB depth,

  19. 19 or____ said at 11:21 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    Just one? I want both.

  20. 20 Ark87 said at 10:52 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    I’m excited about Mack Hollins. You have to take standing out from the rookies with a grain of salt. But with the right physical attributes and a bit of seasoning, he may come to stand out among veterans. Things are a bit vanilla right now but he’ll soon be peppered with the full play book and then we’ll get a clearer picture. He’s already begun to curry favor with the fans and media, but sage advice is to have patience. Won’t be long before he is catching TD’s thrown by the Ginger Wonder. I think he’ll be especially effective when it gets Chili. It just takes Thyme.

    What’s for lunch?

  21. 21 sonofdman said at 11:08 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    Way to spice things up in the comments!

  22. 22 P_P_K said at 1:26 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Well done.

  23. 23 Ryan Rambo said at 11:40 AM on July 26th, 2017:

    Frank Reich: ‘Isaac Seumalo is the starter’ at left guard
    Isaac Seumalo will be the starter at left guard once camp opens

  24. 24 Ark87 said at 12:14 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    That’s good, many (most?) would prefer he starts at center, but at least they will start him. I’m sure it’s a fluid depth chart through camp, but he’s starter quality now, and is definitely here for the long term, makes sense to go all in on his development.

  25. 25 Tumtum said at 2:15 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Yeah, I don’t agree with the herd on that one either. Guard is a more premium position, and seems harder to fill than center. Especially left guard. If he can do well there, let him develop there.

  26. 26 Ark87 said at 2:30 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    yeah, we were talking before news dropped about Barbre. So at the time it was either Peters-Barbre-Seumalo-Brooks-Johnson vs Peters-Seumalo-Kelce-Brooks-Johnson. So at the time short term vs long term use of Seumalo was all up for debate, at this point with Barbre gone, no doubt Seumalo is in the right place both short and long term.

  27. 27 Tumtum said at 2:13 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    The one good think about the cut. I wanted Seumalo at guard and not center.

  28. 28 Sean Stott said at 1:05 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    It’s kind of disappointing that Barnett is being talked about as just a reserve. He needs to beat Vinny “Disappointment” Curry

  29. 29 ChoTime said at 1:15 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    I read your comment before your username and thought you were Media Mike!

  30. 30 Sean Stott said at 1:17 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    nice, I was trying to channel his grumpy demeanor 🙂

  31. 31 Tumtum said at 2:12 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Remember this time last year Carson was the 3rd string QB. Rookies aren’t treated like vets, and for good reason. I just wouldn’t put any stock in what these kids are doing right now. Some are getting starting reps that won’t be active on game day (and might get cut). Some are running with the last team and will have a huge impact.

    Though on this team, I think Barnett as a rotation guy is pretty much to be expected. This year. The dream scenario is that he makes it impossible for the coaches to ever take him out. Just doesn’t happen, especially not in Philly.

  32. 32 Ark87 said at 5:39 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Yep, Defensive ends are hyper valuable. Even in the first round the expected outcome is “starter”, with upside. He’s very much on track. Potential is still there, but he’s got some (functional) bulk to put on and some moves to polish up before he reaches his potential. That can take time.

  33. 33 Sb2bowl said at 1:16 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Eagles just cut Barbre (per Jimmy)

  34. 34 Sean Stott said at 1:17 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    not listed yet on transactions

  35. 35 Sean Stott said at 1:23 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    I like Barbre, he’s better than a JAG, kind of like JAAAG. Just-an-above-average-guy.

  36. 36 CrackSammich said at 1:23 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Obviously Seumalo is the starting LG then, but how does that impact the OT depth since Babre was basically the swing tackle?

    LT: Peters, Johnson, HPV?
    RT: Johnson, HPV?

    If that’s the case, I don’t feel great about the move. If Gordon ready for primetime, or are they hanging on to Tobin, who can’t play on the right?

  37. 37 D3FB said at 1:33 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Vaitai will be the swing.

    Gordon probably T4.
    Sem can kick out in an emergency.

  38. 38 teltschikfakeout88 said at 2:49 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    What about Warmack…you don’t see him making the team? I know you are talking about T’s…but…

  39. 39 D3FB said at 9:02 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    I’m lower on Warmack than most but this helps his chances at making them team alot.

    As of now i’d say its:

    Vaitai-Warmack-Wiz-Gordon as the reserves.

    Orlosky, Tobin, Andrews competing for the potential last spot.

  40. 40 Sb2bowl said at 1:49 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Jimmy is saying on Twitter that it was a cap saving move ($2.1m) and he could come back if he doesn’t find what he is looking for on the open market.

    But I agree with you- I don’t like our options near as much as what $2.1m would buy you in veteran insurance and the ability to slide in to whatever situation you throw him.

  41. 41 Tumtum said at 2:09 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    This makes me wonder… are we over the cap with the ideal projected 53? If not, I am struggling to see logic in this move.

  42. 42 Sb2bowl said at 2:19 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Spotrac has us at $3.3m for the top 51 with Barbre cut.

    Overthecap has us at $6.5m without Barbre cut ($2.2m value) so that would put us around $8.7m.

    In other words, I really don’t know.

  43. 43 or____ said at 2:25 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    No. But cap carries over. Having more to keep Alshon (potentially), Bradham (potentially) Jernigan (potential). extend Wentz…yada…. it all helps.

  44. 44 or____ said at 1:34 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    I really didn’t expect Babre to be released at all let alone this early. But it seems like he wants to start/play more and Howie was doing him a solid.

  45. 45 Ark87 said at 1:41 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    definitely puts a dent in the great feeling in our depth. That dude could play just about anywhere in a pinch. Hard to imagine Howie releasing him for any self-serving reasons. I think you’re right, it seems like a favor, or at the very least something Barbre forced.

  46. 46 Tumtum said at 2:07 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    I don’t like it.

  47. 47 Koy: The Legend of Neckbeard said at 2:26 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Goodbye Marcus Smith, thanks for the…whatever it was you did well.

  48. 48 Tumtum said at 3:41 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Cash checks?

  49. 49 ChoTime said at 1:57 AM on July 27th, 2017:

    Entertain Igglesblitz with your potential.

  50. 50 or____ said at 2:28 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Ok, so with the cap room additions now, maybe Jordan Matthews has a miraculous knee recover while signing an new deal. Just a thought.

    Or maybe the new deal is for Kyle Fuller post trade.

    But wow, Steven Daniels coming back. I like that if he can stay healthy! Just from Tommy hype/youtube that I bought into but….

  51. 51 Tumtum said at 2:45 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Bye Falicia.

  52. 52 Sean Stott said at 2:57 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Anyone know the difference between releasing and waiving a player?

  53. 53 CrackSammich said at 3:01 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Educated guess:
    Waived players have to go through waivers, whereas released players are UFAs.

  54. 54 teltschikfakeout88 said at 3:04 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    I believe that this is right…more specifically…players with less than 4 years of accrued experience must go through the waiver wire when they are released before having the flexibility to negotiate with any team that they want to….all other players just get released and can immediately explore other options…

  55. 55 Anders said at 3:37 AM on July 27th, 2017:


  56. 56 Patrick said at 3:04 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Veteran players with a certain amount of seasons under their belt, cannot be waived and will immediately become a free agent following their release.

    Younger players have to go through the waiver wire, where teams in order from bad to best can claim him at his current contract. If no-one does, he becomes a free agent and can sign any contract he wants.

  57. 57 A_T_G said at 11:51 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Exactly. And for the releasing team, it makes no difference. For the player and interested teams, it does.

  58. 58 Sean Stott said at 3:05 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    I think it’s hilarious that Marcus Smith getting released was just a hidden second clause of the Daniels signing.

  59. 59 or____ said at 3:10 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    I believe potato/potahto.

  60. 60 P_P_K said at 8:14 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Like waiving bye-bye to Marcus?

  61. 61 Dave said at 4:18 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Can anybody tell me the infatuation with Kyle Fuller as I don’t follow Chicago. I understand he was a 1st round pick who missed all of last season with an injury and the Bears did not pick up his 5th year option.

    Why would the Bears be willing to give up on him when he seemingly played well his 1st 2 seasons? Why would they be willing to accept very little from another team and not try to develop their own draft pick?

    If he did not play well his first 2 seasons, why would the Eagles give up anything for him if he is to be a free agent at the end of the season.

  62. 62 Tom33 said at 4:26 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    McManus wrote a piece this morning that covered him.

    I remember him playing well his first two years, but it seems like he doesn’t fit with the new regime and pissed them off by not coming back and playing last year from what they considered a “routine” surgery.

    Trade ensures you get him, although as McManus points out, it might be better to just wait and see if the Bears release him.

  63. 63 CrackSammich said at 4:32 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Urlackkurzzzzzz. That pretty much explains it.

  64. 64 D3FB said at 8:56 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    He was one of 6 we missed on in 2014.

    He played well as a rookie, was a bit more up and down his second year. Last year he got hurt and couldn’t get healthy and coaches thought he was milking it.

    They’ve got Amukamara, Marcus Cooper and Jonathan Banks as vets. They like their nickel CB Le’Blanc. De’ondre Hall was a 4th round pick for them last year.

    The team in general is a shitshow and if the coaches are down on him they probably will punt on a guy with only one year left if they can get something back.

    For us he’s an incredibly good fit. He’s the most well rounded CB I’ve seen come out. He’s physical, he’s equally adapt at man and zone.

  65. 65 Dave said at 9:19 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Thx, I didn’t realize they gave $13M to Prince and Cooper in the off-season.

  66. 66 or____ said at 5:01 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Ooooh Howie! He so crafty!

  67. 67 Tdoteaglefan said at 5:20 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    yeah I thought we just cut Barbre doll…didn’t expect that we would get a draft pick for him

  68. 68 Benny6968 said at 6:23 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    And as a bonus we re-signed Tommy’s Favorite FA LB, Steven AKA “Thumper” Means.
    See ya Marcus, I’m sure some team will sign him and he will underachieve for them.
    Barbre however, could help in Denver.
    We shall see.
    Will the Eagles sign another CB,is what I would like to see.
    Does Revis have anything left?

  69. 69 Ark87 said at 5:30 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Christ, regardless of what anyone says about his football acumen, that dude can work some phones. So that means someone else gets to pay him and a conditional late round pick. Wonder how much we save now.

    Kind of still want the back-up who can play at a starting level at any position on the O-line though. Still, not bad Howie.

  70. 70 or____ said at 6:04 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Agreed. Now go get another for Smith

  71. 71 GermanEagle said at 7:39 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    So Greg Ward is this year’s Paul Turner while Shelton Gibson is just the opposite. How times change…

  72. 72 Dragon_Eagle said at 9:40 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    I kinda get the cut/trade of Barbre, but I was worried about the OL depth before that. We have no room for injuries or failing to read an ingredients label (again).

  73. 73 GermanEagle said at 10:01 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    O line is the deepest of all our positions. If something happens to Jalen Mills or Ron Brooks then you might wanna push the panic button.

  74. 74 Patrick said at 10:02 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Well, we’re not wining the Super Bowl this year. We’re in a process of growing with Wentz, and a relatively expensive, old Barbre isn’t really in that mould.

    Behind Peters and Lane we have Vaitai, Gordon and Tobin. Vaitai played last year and looked promising. Besides, if Lane goes down again we’re screwed either way. Might as well figure out if Big V are a starter or a swing backup. Tobin is a cheap, reliable vet who played, maybe not good, but decently. Dillion Gordon is someone they obviously like.

    Behind Brooks and now Seumalo, we have Warmack and Wis, who maybe haven’t delivered as many thought, but played and played decently in the NFL. Team obviously likes Josh Andrews too, and both him and Wis can play center. Dallas Thomas have both started and played plenty of games in the league as well.

    Kelce looks like the starter, which I find much more concerning than depth, but we’re pretty well set with Kelce and Wis, with Seumalo as emergency ability. Hell, Orlovsky was a pretty coveted UDFA too.

    I seriously doubt you’ll find much better depth anywhere in the NFL. Focus have shifted way too much to OL, you can’t stash starters on your bench anymore. Having a guy like Wis who can play 3 interior positions and have done decently is about as good as it gets.

    Personally, I dont really see the point in saving Barbres cap number, but maybe well see that soon or maybe Howie just understands doing players a solid once in a while. Maybe Seumalo blows this year. Maybe Vaitai gets the chance and blows. We’re growing, i’d rather give the young guns a chance and figure them out than walk on a limping leg in Barbre, who’ll be retired when Wentz is the best QB in the league and we’re competing for that ring. Maybe Seumalo and Vaitai will be gone by that time, but lets find out.

  75. 75 Tumtum said at 10:21 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    What this guy said

  76. 76 D3FB said at 10:59 PM on July 26th, 2017:

    Prior to the Barbre cut we had literally the best depth in the NFL.